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Här har ni min recension av Bound to seduction av 

Elisabeth Naughton. 


When Mira Dawson brings the firebrand opal with her home she hopes it will make her wish come true. She's lonely and wants the attention of a man. What she least of all expected was a djinn coming along with the opal to fulfill her every command. 


It's a beautiful cover and it looks professional. It introduces the first book well.


I loved this book from the start, great story, great characters and wonderful writing. What touched me the most was the chemistry between the characters. That's how true love should feel like! 

Author: Elisabeth Naughton

Title: Bound to seduction

Series: Firebrand series #1

Beings: Djinns

Rating: A

Heat: Hot

Bought from: Amazon
Read book format: Ebook